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The Business Mobility™ Solution Details

The Business Mobility Solution is a Client / Server solution that seamlessly integrates with your corporate network, and interoperates with your premise based or cloud based PBX and other applications. Connected services such as Voice, IM and Presence are extended to the mobile handset independently of the used network.

The Business Mobility Controller

This Server Component resides in your Corporate or Service Providers network or Virtualized. The bMobility Controller can be connected to a PBX or SoftSwitch as a SIP Client, Through SIP Trunks. The integration through the SIP Client interface of the PBX / SoftSwitch allows for the real integration of all available Telephony features.

Once connected, calls made to or from the mobile user's device are routed through the PBX using any available network connection such as VoIP over WiFi or 3G/4G. The Call however can also be routed through a pure cellular channel. The bMobility Controller will make the used network connection transparent to the PBX/SoftSwitch and will also provide the seamless handovers between WiFi and Cellular networks and vice versa.

(For More info on the Controller Click Here)

The bMC Client

The client component resides on your SmartPhone and provides an intuitive interface with straight forward access to enterprise features. It also enables further functions such as Instant Messaging, Presence, Conferencing, Call Center, and others.

The client gives you a simple and intuitive GUI that hides all the complexities from the user. Simply make a call and use whatever features the client offers you. The Client will take care of selecting the best available connection (Cellular/WiFi), the cheapest available route while offering you access to your PBX features.The bMC Client also offers an integrated GUI for all your communication needs, Telephony, Instant Messaging and Presence.

The bMC Client is available in full Dual Mode (for WIFI enabled handsets) with full VoIP support, Single Mode (signalling through data channel either cellular or WIFI and voice through cellular), and Cellular only. The Dual Mode and Single mode versions are equivalent in features and both include the Unified Communications features such as Presence and Instant Messaging, and interactive PBX feature use. The Single Mode version can be used as GSM only without utilizing a cellular data channel.

The dual mode capable client enables you to make phone calls both through Wifi as well as through the cellular network. It supports dynamic mid-call handovers between Cellular and WiFi, enables Instant Messaging and SMS over WLAN and provides access to the PBX features through both GSM, CDMA, 3G/4G and WLAN

For more info on supported SmartPhones and Tablets Click Here

Supported PBXs amd SoftSwitch's

The following IP-PBXs are supported by our Business Mobility Solution:

  • Aastra (all IP-PBX)
  • Avaya S8x00 Media Server with Call Manager Release 3 and higher
  • Avaya IP Office
  • Broadsoft BroadWorks
  • Cisco Call Manager v6
  • Ericsson MX-ONE
  • NEC (Sphericall, Univerge)
  • Nortel (CS 1X00, 2X00, MCS 5100, BCM)
  • Siemens (all PBX)
  • ShoreTel v8 or higher
  • Sylantro
  • Open Source IP-PBX
  • Teles NGN Solution

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